(What if you could “ASK” your body)?

WHAT is it?

Morphogenic Field Technique (MFT) is a symbiotic combination of energetic healing and nutritional/herbal healing.

The energy field is used to find the foundational and clinical needs of the body at the cellular level using a modified form of muscle response testing.

The Morphogenic Field (or M-Field) is an extension of the healing energy of the nervous system.

MFT is a procedure which is performed with the goal of drawing information from the body of the person being tested.  The MFT practitioner is looking for a change of strength to the test muscle when different environmental variables are introduced.

HOW does it work?

According to the laws of Quantum Physics, everything in the universe has a unique energy signature or resonance.

The M-Field represents the extension of the autonomic nervous system that is searching the body’s immediate environment for matching or mismatching resonance.

The M-Field play a role in the body’s “adaptive response” to it’s environment.  The body makes DECISIONS based upon information from it’s M-Field.

Initial Testing – $89 (Special $69)
Follow up Sessios – $45

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